FINAT test methods


Section 1: FINAT Test Methods & Reference List

FTM 1  Peel adhesion (180°) at 300mm per minute

FTM 2  Peel adhesion (90°) at 300mm per minute

FTM 3  Low speed release force

FTM 4  High speed release force (10 - 300 m per minute)

FTM 5  Accelerated ageing - Extended storage

FTM 6  Resistance to ultra-violet light

FTM 7  Silicone coat weight by energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectometry

FTM 8 Resistance to shear from a standard surface

FTM 9 Loop tack measurement

FTM 10 Quality of silicone coated substrates for self-adhesive laminates: release force (300 mm per minute)

FTM 11 Quality of silicone coated substrates for self-adhesive laminates: subsequent adhesion

FTM 12  Adhesive coat weight

FTM 13  Low temperature adhesion

FTM 14  Dimensional stability

FTM 15  Surface tension of plastic films

FTM 16  Chemical resistance - Spot method

FTM 17  Chemical resistance - Immersion method

FTM 18  Dynamic shear

FTM 19  Recycling compatibility of self-adhesive labels

FTM 20  Fluorescence and whiteness

FTM 21  Ink adhesion (basic)

FTM 22  Ink adhesion (advanced)

FTM 23  Die strike (a. paper; b. filmic paper)

FTM 24  Mandrel hold

FTM 25  Evaluation of silicone coverage of coated papers by use of a water based stain test

FTM 26  Wash-off paper and film labels

FTM 27  Ink rub test for UV printed labels, ink surface against substrate or ink surface


Section 2: Test Equipment

2.1. Standard FINAT Test Roller

2.2. Automatic Rolling Device

2.3. Sources of Test Equipment

2.4. Tesa test tapes

Section 3:   Recommended joins in self-adhesive laminates for roll labels

Section 4:   Processing recommendations

Section 5:   Surfaces requiring caution

Section 6:   Safety guide for users of self-adhesive label stock products

Section 7:   Handling and storage of label stock throughout printing and converting

Section 8:   Qualitative adhesion testing

Section 9:   Adhesives

   Nomenclature for adhesives used in self-adhesive laminates

Section 10: Unwind roll chart

Section 11: Recommendations regarding static electricity