PSTC Test Methods

Test Methods for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes, 15th Edition





Adhesion Test Methods

PSTC-101   International Standard for Peel Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Tape, 操作影片

PSTC-4       Relative Performance of Release Coatings

PSTC-5       Quick Stick of Pressure Sensitive Tapes

PSTC-6       Tack Rolling Ball, 操作影片

PSTC-107    International Standard for Shear Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Tape, 操作影片

PSTC-8       Unwind Force of Pressure Sensitive Tape

PSTC-9       Accelerated Aging of Pressure Sensitive Tape

PSTC-11    Adherence to Linerboard of Pressure Sensitive Tapes at Low Temperature

PSTC-13     High Speed Unwind Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Tapes, 操作影片

PSTC-14     Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Tapes to Fiberboard at 90°Angle and Constant Stress

PSTC-15     Determination of Adhesion to Release Coated Substrates: Wet Spread Method

PSTC-16     Loop Tack, 操作影片


Stain Resistance Test Methods
Stain Test for Finishes
Latent Staining of Surface Finishes


Miscellaneous Test Methods

PSTC-131   International Breaking Strength and Elongation of Pressure Sensitive Tapes

PSTC-133   International Thickness (Caliper) of Pressure Sensitive Tapes

PSTC-34     Water Vapor Transmission of Pressure Sensitive Tapes

PSTC-35     Water Penetration Rate of Pressure Sensitive Tapes

PSTC-38     Tear Resistance of Pressure Sensitive Tapes

PSTC-39     Tear Resistance of Plastic Film Tapes


Electrical Tape Test Methods

PSTC-50     Shear Strength After Solvent Immersion of Electrical Grade Tapes

PSTC-51     Dielectric Breakdown of Electrical Grade Tapes

PSTC-53     Thermosetting Properties of Electrical Grade Tapes

PSTC-54     Flagging of Electrical Grade Tapes

PSTC-55     Oil Resistance of Electrical Grade Tapes

PSTC-56     Resistance to Penetration at Elevated Temperatures of Electrical Grade Tapes

PSTC-57     Flammability of Electrical Grade Tapes

PSTC-58     Insulation Resistance at High Humidity (Indirect Electrolytic Corrosion)


Width and Length Test Method

PSTC-71     Guide for Width and Length of Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Appendix A     Standard Conditions
Appendix B     Test Equipment
Appendix C     Cleaning Test Surfaces
Appendix D     Preparation for Testing
Appendix E     Quality Assurance of Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Appendix F     Metric-English Conversion
Glossary of Terms Used in the Pressure Sensitive Tape Industry